Codes for various gsm mobile phones


Master Codes
- 25228352
- 25228353
- 83227423 (TH3/4,BH4,BF5,BG3,BF3/4..)

###337*07# - master reset (with SIM)
###847# - factory reset (with SIM)

Alcatel 835 formating - **0102#


*2767*3855# - FULL E2P RESET
*2767*2878# - CUSTOM E2P RESET
#*7337# - UNLOCK
*2767*688# - UNLOCK
*#0523# - CONTRAST
*#9998*523# - CONTRAST
*#8999*8378# - Service Menu (X100)
special T309 *#7465625#


#20021208# ok - 630 without SIM (erase flash)
*#7728*# - RSAV DONE
*#3849*# - ??? reboot
*#3851*# - ??? reboot
Philips 568 *01763*737381# - reset

PDF Image Extractor

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Sometimes when we see an interesting picture or do we want to have these pictures to be stored either as kenagan or up but the picture itself is in the pdf file, then a kia need to do is extract the file so that the image can be separated from other files and stored in separate folders .
To extract images in pdf files this way is very easy, we just need the help of a software called Some PDF Image Extractor which you can download here

PDF files are vulnerable to virus attacks?
Portable Document Format (PDF) is a document format that is currently widely used by computer users. Events are unfortunately exploited by malware authors who deliberately makes an easy target for malware attacks. The malware authors do ekslpoit on a number of weaknesses in Adobe's PDF, so that format can not be used.

More than 50% of attacks carried out via the Trojan to a PDF file. The majority of the attackers developed from traditional attack methods such as email, the attack on the PDF, which is considered as the simplest way to spread malware all over the Internet in the world. PDF is often used as a target of malware since doing plug-in support in a web browser. When a user visits a malicious web, PDF documents served by HTTP, and during the process of malware into the user's machine without realizing it.

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In addition to using portable applications and free CPU-Z to detect the hardware specs such as processor, mainboard, and computer memory. You can also use GPU-Z to detect the graphics processing specifications contained in the VGA module installed in your computer.
Z GPU Software size around 460 KB. You do not need to install it. because the file is only a form of executable files. press double click the exe file GPU-Z it will automatically detect the specifications of the VGA card installed in your computer.

There are some free software to view the hardware specifications, generally in the two kinds of versions for free (freeware) and the paid version / commercial (shareware).

Free software include: direct diagnostic, CPU-Z, GPU-Z, besides that we can use for free that is speccy. This free software is about 1.1 MB, pretty good is used to detect the hardware specifications installed in your computer.

Sometimes if you buy a computer we would want to know and believe if the pc / laptop purchased in accordance with the specifications listed in the sales brochure / banner attached to the laptop. Detecting hardware specifications can be used many ways, starting with the manual way, using free software or by using commercial software (pay)